Farm Machinery & Power Engineering

The department of Farm Machinery & Power Engineering is one of the major and an important department of DYPCAET, Talsande. It has a well-equipped Farm Power lab, Farm machinery lab, Workshop, Implement shed, and Drawing hall Department has come up with 03 research recommendations for the implements developed through student’s research projects.

Faculty of this department involve themselves in quality research and development activities by keeping pace with changing needs of Agricultural education, Indian tractor, and other related farm machinery. Faculty also participates in interviews/demonstrations on TV Channel, radio and publishes popular articles in the newspapers and magazines for the extension of technology. Students get exposure to use, handle, and manage all types of machinery right from land preparation to crop harvesting.

From HOD’s Desk

Dr. R. V. Powar

Head of the Department

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering is a leading department of DYPCAET, Talsande. Department is enriched with Tractor & Farm Power Lab, Farm Machinery Lab, Workshop, Drawing Hall,  CAD Lab and Implement Shed. Department has come up with 03 recommendations for implements developed through student’s research projects.

Departmental team members delivering quality education to students pertaining to FMPE as well as involved in quality research by keeping pace with the changing needs of Agricultural education, Indian tractor, and other agricultural machinery as well as farm mechanization. Faculty members are well qualified, experienced, and has publications in reputed journals. The types of machinery developed under student’s research projects are commercialized and technologies are accepted by the farmers. Under this department, students will be given exposure for using, handling and managing all types of machinery related to farm like a plough, rotavator, cultivator, thresher, harvester, sprayers and power sources like a tractor, power tiller, oil engine etc. The study of Design, Testing, Operation, and Maintenance of all machines, implements and tools required from soil preparation to harvesting and transport of agricultural produce are covered in this department.


Name of Faculty: Dr. R. V. Powar Designation: HoD, FMPE Qualification: Ph. D (FMPE) Experience: 10 Years Achievements: Click to see

Name of Faculty: Er. P. R. Sabale Designation: Asst. Professor, FMPE Qualification: M. Tech (FMPE) Experience: 05 Years Achievements: Click to see
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