Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary Committee

  • Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary Committee (GRDC) will deal with matters relating to internal complaints of employees as well as students and act as a Grievance Redressal System.
  • This Committee will work for the resolution of disputes and grievances between employees and students of the college by way of arbitration.
  • The committee will also work as a disciplinary committee to recommend actions against employees.
  • The Principal may call additional members to the meeting, if required, and shall remove such persons from the committee if the complaint is received against those existing members.
  • The Committee will make recommendations on actions to be taken on specific complaints.
  • Based on recommendations, the Principal may decide the course of action or may institute an enquiry depending on the finding of the facts and it’s severity.
  • The principal shall report the matter to the Management for the final description if termination of an employee is required.

The activity of the Committee is a time-bound activity and requires actions that would need to be initiated whenever necessary, and the reports to be provided to the Principal

The composition of the Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary Committee (GRDC) is as follows:

1. Er. P. D. Ukey Secretary
2. Er. A. B. Gatade Member
3. Dr. R. V. Powar Member
4. Mrs. P. S. Patil Member
5. Shri. U. S. Mane Member
6. Two representatives of the Student Council (in case of student related complaints) Member

Process and Functioning

  • Any aggrieved person is required to submit a written complaint to the GRDC, within a period one month from the date of the incident.
  • The complaint shall include sufficient details of the allegation or act.
  • On receipt of the complaint, the Committee shall contact the respondent within a period of seven working days and collect the information to complete the enquiry.
  • Any disciplinary issue of students/employees shall be referred to the Principal.
  • Proposed action shall be communicated to the concerned person and such person shall be given reasonable opportunity for showing cause against the proposed order.
  • The employee shall have the right to appeal against the action to the Management within 15 days of the date of communication of the decision.