Prevention of Caste based Discrimination Committee

Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee (PCDC)

Discrimination on the basis of caste, locality, social/ economical background or gender is prohibited at this college. The Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee (PCDC) shall understand the terms of the letter from UGC in words and spirit, and initiate continuous actions to ensure that no official or faculty member indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students, faculty or staff members. Sensitizing officials/ faculty members of the campus while dealing with such cases would also be the responsibility of the committee.As per the letter from the University Grants Commission, it was informed that the Officials/ faculty members should desist from any act of discrimination against SC/ ST/ OBC students on grounds of their social origin.

  • The Committee will hear and address complaints regarding caste-based discrimination at DYPCAET, Talsande.
  • At least one member of the committee shall be from the reserved category.
  • The Committee will make recommendations to the Principal, based on observations and examinations of complaints.
  • Based on the committee’s recommendation, the Principal shall give the final decision. The Principal may further institute, an Enquiry Committee, if required and deemed fit, for further examination of such complaints.
  • The Committee will follow relevant Acts and Rules of Government of India and Court Orders etc., as applicable from time to time.
  • The Principal may call additional members to the meeting, if required, and shall remove such persons from the committee if the complaint is received against those existing members.

The activity of the Committee is a time-bound activity and requires actions that would need to be initiated whenever necessary and the reports to be provided to the Principal.

The composition of Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee (PCDC) is as follows,

1. Er. P. D. Ukey Chairman
2. Er. A. B. Gatade Member
3. Er.Ms. D. A. Patil Member Secretary
4. Shri. U. S. Mane Member
5. Shri. R. B. Bachche-Patil Member
6. Two representatives of the Student Council (in case of student-related complaints) Member
Process and Functioning
  • A complaint about discrimination or harassment as defined by the regulations may be made in writing by the student/ Faculty or staff to the PCDC.
  • The written complaint should be submitted to either the Chairman or the Secretary of the Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee.
  • The complaint shall include sufficient details of the alleged act of discrimination or harassment.
  • On receipt of a written complaint, the Anti-Discrimination officer shall initiate the follow-up action including preliminary fact-finding enquiry.