Farm Structure


The Farm structures department provides a comfortable and conducive environment to plants, animals, farmers, machinery, and equipment. It provides shelter and favorable environment for the preservation of quality and quantity of plants and crops, increases the productivity of animals and farmers, and ensure safety and good working condition of machinery and equipment.

The department has contributed significantly to agriculture in providing better housing, improvement in transportation and communication respectively, provision of modern conveniences and recreational facilities for a good standard of living and working conditions of the farmers. Also, farm structure has brought improvement in the productivity of livestock and reduction in post-harvest loss through improvement in animal houses and adequate storage facilities respectively.

From HOD’s Desk

Head of the Department 

It is my pleasure to work as ahead of the department of Farm structures which plays an important role in the agricultural sector and its importance cannot be neglected. It is an area of specialization that is relevant in the agricultural engineering field. This field helps in agribusiness among the graduates and farmers.

The strength of the department is highly enthusiastic students who understand the research ethics and industry participation well and upgrade their skills accordingly. .We encourage our students to participate in different events organized by different colleges and also get involved in activities of social relevance. With this introduction, I welcome you to be a part of our department which is always striving to achieve excellence in education, research, and entrepreneurship.

Department Highlights

Laboratories- Farm structure

Laboratory Incharge:

Quality of Instruments: Good and Working

This Farm structure lab well equipped with all the instrument basic knowledge about the practical field. Easy access to students in this lab to getting information about check the quality and technical parameters like workability, the strength of cement, aggregate, steel, etc. Also, help in the study of various type of greenhouse technology.

Department Activities

Expert Lecture On engineering mechanics

 Speaker Er. P.S.Patil Ashokrao mane polytechnic Wathar tarf vadgoan
 Speaker Profile Name: Mr. Prashant S.Patil Designation:   Lecturer Teaching  Experience: Over 4 years Industrial  Experience: 2 year

Exposure visit at Patwardhan Poultry farm, Jainapur ,Taluka –Shirol, Dist –Kolhapur

Course details  FS 354- Agricultural structures and Environmental   controls 
Visit site Patwardhan Poultry farm, Jainapur , Taluka –Shirol ,Dist –Kolhapur
Purpose  of visit To get practical exposure related to various practices and technology used in Poultry house
  Exposure visit at Shrivardhan Biotech, Kondigre, Taluka – Shirol, District – Kolhapur
Course details  CAF-FS: 471- Design and Maintenances of Greenhouse
Visit site Shrivardhan Biotech, Kondigre, Taluka – Shirol, District – Kolhapur
Purpose  of visit To get practical exposure related to various practices and technology used in Greenhouse
  Exposure visit at Islampur   Taluka –walwa Dist –Sangli
Course details FS-244- Building Construction and cost estimation
Visit site   Islampur   Taluka –walwa Dist –Sangli
Purpose  of visit To get knowledge about the actual construction site and manufacturing of construction materials