About DY Patil College of Engineering & Technology

This college is a second institution, among the huge D. Y. Patil group of institutions, started in the academic year 1984-85 on 6th August 1984, The late, Hon. Vasantrao Dada Patil, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, a good friend of Hon. D. Y. Dada, was instrumental in starting this Engineering College, Hon. Dada, an Ex. M.L.A. of Gaganbavada Tashil, was a politician till 1983. The transformation of a politician into an educationalist took place in that year, when the 1st engineering college was started, under D. Y. Patil group in Vashi, Mumbai.

The way to achieve excellence in education is to have an International Collaborations. The main intention behind International Affairs Cell is to Explore International relations of DYP group in education, Agriculture & Culture. The International affairs cell built to motivate students to apply and join to study advanced agricultural science courses taken by top ranking agricultural universities across the globe through a special summer program or diploma courses.

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Celebrate Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and Rajmata Jijabai Jayanti on 12th January 2021
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PG Selections 2020-21
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Happy New Year.. 2021
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Dr. Y. Patil CAET, Talsande in Top 10 Companies beyond Covid-19 Impact 2020 by Business Sights.

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Earn Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering, and get ready to help solve the world’s greatest challenges
solve the world’s greatest challenges

Roll up your sleeves and work alongside with brightest students, recognized teachers and expert industry partners.

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D.Y. Patil College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Talsande, Kolhapur.