Primary School

The curriculum is standardized through unique and proprietary curriculum, personalized study materials, on-going diagnostic assessments, teacher training and supervision of quality. On-going diagnostic assessments are centrally prepared for all schools and taken. Expertise from across the globe are incorporated to train teachers in advance and accelerate methods of teaching.

Primary Section (I-V) Subjects:

Language : English, Hindi, Marathi/Sanskrit
Other Subjects : Mathematics/EVS
Internal Assessments : Dance, Music, Science Fiction, Puzzles, Reading, Art & Craft, Recitation, Computer Science

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: There are a host of activities designed to nurture and develop all facets of a child’s personality.

SCI-FI CLUB: It is designed to lay an emphasis on firsthand experience, by conducting different activities in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

MUSIC: It gives a soul to the universe and pours life into everything. Our Maestros make our students attuned to style of both Indian and Western music.

DANCE: It is an expression for both grace and elegance. Our expert faculty trains students to perform various forms of dance like – Contemporary, Bollywood, Zumba, Hip hop and Indian Classical Dance.

READING PROGRAMME: Just as adults need a break from regular routine so do the students. Engaging students is a challenging task and storytelling is one way of keeping students focused and engaged. Story telling through voice modulation and use of props generate a feeling of excitement and awe. This in turn helps students to explore their expressive dimension as well.

Edu Sports: Healthy mind resides in healthy body. So to enhance their fitness and gross motor skills we have started a new segment of sports and fitness programme for our little ones

PHYSICAL FITNESS/ACTIVITIES: Many Indoor and Outdoor activities are conducted which not only help them to be physically fit and fine but increase their stamina, concentration and agility. For all round development of the child, various activities like Mallkhamb, Lathi-Kathi, etc are taught. These activities are designed to nurture and develop all the facets of a child’s personality.

ART & CRAFT: The ultimate way to art is imagination, impression, expression and creation, only then a budding artist’s imagination can come to reality. Art and craft skills of every individual are brought to the fore and even artists information is shared.

CELEBRATIONS: Cultural awareness in a diverse country like India is essential to hold the country together. To acquaint children with our rich cultural heritage, the school celebrates various festivals and important days. Achievements and birthdays of children are also celebrated.

JOY OF GIVING: “Joy of giving” week is celebrated to imbibe the value of social responsibility and a sense of giving back to the society. In this venture children donate to the underprivileged to inculcate sense of sharing.

VALUE INVOCATION : Recent research into the effects of chanting has discovered a variety of benefits including the effect of raising the level of vibration of the individual practicing the chant. We have introduced  shloka recitation to make the students gain peace, feel calm and become more centered, which in turn allows them to channelize the positive energy received in a variety of ways.

SHIAMAK DANCE CURRICULUM:  Shiamak Dance Curriculum has been introduced as the essence of the program is in dance expression, knowledge and creativity; that goes beyond the periphery of dance movement. Each class has a well defined syllabus for skillful progression to improve fitness levels, confidence, focus, concentration, team spirit, positive thinking, and discipline, all round development, posture and body language. The complete performing arts experience helps students overcome stage fright, become more confident, learn to work in teams and feel a great sense of achievement.  It also helps students to de-stress and develop well-rounded personalities.

ROBOTICS: Robotics has been introduced recently in the curriculum to build a scientific temperament along with logical and analytical skills.

PUZZLES :  Puzzle stimulates the brain & inculcates the habit of problem solving in students. Brain Development Center uses puzzles to develop pattern recognizing skills amongst children. BDC directly enhances the cognitive & physical skills of students.

CBP (CAPABILITY BUILDING PROGRAMME):  CBP is designed to strengthen concepts of Physics and Mathematics using practical approach, which includes experiments, activities and games. The programme also achieves brain stimulation through puzzles.

FAST TRACK: Fast Track program provides necessary challenging environment sought by bright minds. The programme involves market oriented IT skills required for future through 100% hands on learning.

SWIMMING:  ‘Health is Wealth’ – To imbibe this ideal, swimming activity has been introduced. to encourage skill development and enjoyment of the water, with the hope to increase the number of pupils leaving school with water confidence and water safety awareness. EXTERNAL EXAM: External exams like SOF, Hindi Rashtrabhasha, MTSE, NTSE, Homi Bhabha, etc are conducted in the school from class I onwards.

EXCURSION AND FIELD VISITS: Educational tours to study topics are organized from time to time. Children also remain connected with the latest information which result in easy-retention of the subject matter is easily retained.

COMPETITION: The school organizes various house wise competitions throughout the year. Stage performances also provide the children a platform to showcase their art of public speaking & gentlemanly orderly argumentation. These include elocution, extempore, handwriting, essay writing, poster making, recitation & many more. The school also participates in various interschool competitions. To mention a few – Quiz competition, Regional level CBSE Science Exhibition, etc.