Department Activities

Guest Lecture on “Community Irrigation: Need of an Era”

 Speaker  Er. Vishwas Shinde
Speaker Profile

Name: Mr. Vishwas Shinde.

Designation:   Senior Project Manager, Jain irrigation and Systems Pvt. Ltd, Jalgaon

Training Experience: Over 39 years in field of irrigation engineering.

Subject Community Irrigation: Need of an Era

Celebrating World Water

 Speaker  Dr. Sudhir J. Bhongale
Speaker Profile Editor of ‘Rashtravadi’ Magazine
Subject Celebrating World Water day

Guest Lecture on “Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in identifying ground water  potential zones”

 Speaker Er. Vikrant Nikam
Speaker Profile Founder, Albedo Foundation, Nashik
Subject Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in identifying groundwater  potential zones

Guest Lecture on “Modern Irrigation Technologies: Soil Water Plant Relationship”

 Speaker Er. Mahesh Patil

Speaker Profile

Experience: 30 years in development of state of the art agricultural projects.

Activities include individual & community micro-irrigation, certified organic farms, cultivation of cut flowers including Anthurium & orchids, agro-tourism, landscaping, marketing, creating, brand name, supply chain, logistics of fresh & processed agricultural produce, grain storage & mechanized handling, productivity improvement in agricultural crops, orchard development in India & Gulf, Landbank management, bio-fuel based on algae, solar power generation & utilization on small to medium-sized projects, training·

Recruitment of the field to senior-level staff for corporate including banking & govt. officer trainees, farmers training & development for group & community farming, sugar co-operatives, etc.

Subject Modern Irrigation Technologies: Soil Water Plant Relationship

Exposure Visits

Visit to ‘Solar Operated Drip Irrigation System, Kerli, Maharashtra’
Bambvade Lift Irrigation Project, Maharashtra
Visit to Ujani Dam, Solapur, Maharashtra

One Day Workshop on “Phule Jal & Phule Irrigation Scheduler Mobile App”