Department Activities

Visit Surdi Watershed, Dist – Solapur. 17th Feb 2020
Pure water pond: purity of water is the result of best work of soil and water conservation structures Continuous contour trenches and Water Absorption Trench in Surdi Watershed
Visit Poultry Farm: Incubator machines, poultry feeder, Barshi, Dist-Solapur. 17th Feb 2020
Incubator Machine Poultry Feeder Inner parts of the incubator machine

Visit Jakhale Watershed, Dist-Kolhapur. 16th Feb 2019

Earthen Nala Bund –reservoir and stone pitching at the upstream side of ENB. Village sarpanch and watershed program co-coordinator guided students Loose boulder structure and Continuous Contour Structure

Students and Faculties Undergone 4 Days Training of Paani Foundation at Koregaon, Satara

(9th March to 26th March )