Soil Water Conservation Engineering


 “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself” and Food grows where the water flows”.

Soil and water are the two faces of a coin because without these resources nothing will exist, it may be living or nonliving things. It is very hard truth that these basic resources are under intense pressure to fulfill the needs of increased population. Soil erosion, unscientific agricultural and irrigation practices etc. are directly affecting the social and economic structure of our whole nation.  So there is a need of improved sustainable production through different land management practices by adopting drought and flood management practices, soil and water conservation practices (watershed management), viz., construction of check dams, contour bunding, terracing,.

That’s why the department of Soil Water Conservation Engineering was started in 2003 to fulfill the above requirements by offering the courses like watershed planning and management, reservoir and pond design, soil mechanics, hydrology etc. The lab is completely equipped with all instruments and models to conduct the actual practical work. The staffs are highly qualified and experienced to guide the students. Our alumnies, Sneha Pawar & Sucheta Bhilare are working at BAIF foundation, Dr. Sushilkumar Bansude working as Junior Scientist SWCE at Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology etc.

  From HOD’s Desk  

Dr. Sanjani S. Salunkhe

Head of the Department


Soil and Water Conservation Engineering is the core department in the Agricultural Engineering branch. Our department is fulfilled with three well-furnished laboratories namely laboratory of surveying, laboratory of soil mechanics and laboratory soil and water conservation structures which includes beautiful and concept clearing watershed and water harvesting models, etc. Also, we have a site laboratory having different conservation structures made by Shramdan of faculty and students both as gabion structure, CCT, deep CCT, graded bund, etc.  I am very glad to put here that we installed an automatic weather station on our campus and with the help of it we keep records of daily weather data which is useful for the project work of students.

Our department gives enough placement opportunities as well as generate high scope for future higher studies. As we have dedicated faculty and technicians, who help in boosting students throughout their carrier.


Name of Faculty: Dr. Sanjani S. Salunkhe Designation: Assistant Professor, SWCE Qualification : Ph. D (SWCE) Experience : 2.6 Years Achievements: Click to see
Department Highlights


Soil Mechanics and Surveying and Levelling

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Construction of Gabion Structure

  Department Activities
Visit Surdi Watershed, Dist – Solapur. 17th Feb 2020
Pure water pond: purity of water is the result of best work of soil and water conservation structures Continuous contour trenches and Water Absorption Trench in Surdi Watershed
Visit Poultry Farm: Incubator machines, poultry feeder, Barshi, Dist-Solapur. 17th Feb 2020
Incubator Machine Poultry Feeder Inner parts of the incubator machine

Visit Jakhale Watershed, Dist-Kolhapur. 16th Feb 2019

Earthen Nala Bund –reservoir and stone pitching at the upstream side of ENB. Village sarpanch and watershed program co-coordinator guided students Loose boulder structure and Continuous Contour Structure

Students and Faculties Undergone 4 Days Training of Paani Foundation at Koregaon, Satara

(9th March to 26th March )