Department Highlights


Computer Lab


Laboratory Incharge: Er. S. P. Charane

Quality of Instruments: Good and Working

Laboratory resources

Hardware :


Hp L1710 @ 2.0 GHz CPU, Intel (R) Pentium Duel,  2GB DDR2 RAM, 80 GB SATA HDD, 52 x CD ROM, 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN card, 18.5″ widescreen LCD Monitor, Windows License, Printer, Inkjet (Brother MFC- J220)

Software: Operating System –Windows 7 Professional, NPAV Antivirus 2017, Turbo C++, Dreamweaver 8.0.


Engineering Physics Laboratory

Laboratory Incharge: Er. Ms. S. B. Mali

Quality of Instruments: Good and Working

The Engineering Physics laboratory has well equipped sophisticated, modern, and advanced instruments for conducting various important practical’s in Physics. Major experiments in the lab manual are related to advanced areas in Physics such as Fibre optics, Ultrasound, LASER, Semiconductors, and Modern Physics.