Department at a Glance


The department of Basic Science started under B. Tech. Agricultural Engineering. The department is designed to offer major valuable courses in the field of computer technology. The course is an output-based well-structured design which helps students to achieve their goal. The department is committed to offering a set of open parameters and programs so that students can plan their academic programs in advance. We prepare the students with Professional Skill in terms of advanced computer programming sets like C- Language programming, Data Structure. They also learn about data centers through a database management system to collect and organize data. Under the department curriculum, students develop their own websites using hypertext and scripting.

In order to have a strong mathematical base at the U.G. level, the department conducts lectures, tutorials for the first four semesters. There is a mutual relation between Physics & Agricultural Engineering. As seen Engineering is primarily applied Physics. The current age focuses on technological developments that are based on physics & engineers. A proper study of Physics is therefore absolutely for agricultural engineering students to excel in their fields. The physicist discovers scientific principles and invents devices to describe & explain them. The agricultural engineers apply and magnify these principals for farmer’s convenience and comfort through mechanization. The department of Basic Sciences offers Engineering Physics Theory and Lab course for F. Y. B. Tech students. The courses under department are innovatively designed to cater to global demands and offer a balanced knowledge of computer and Science for agricultural engineering graduates.